About Us

SxSMods.com is a family owned business that supplies parts and accessories for the Side by Side UTV Market. Our mission at SxSMods is to be the single most abundant source for new parts and accessories for the hottest side by sides on the market. We’ve implemented a review system to allow the consumer to give their honest feedback about the products on our site. This information is sent back to the product manufacturers and is publicly displayed to help future shoppers make an informed buying decision about each aftermarket product we offer. 

We’ve partnered with industry leading companies such as: SSV Works, PRP Seats, Assault Industries, TricLED, RAM Mount, NRG Innovations, AMR Racing and more. We’ve worked with many of these companies through the prototyping process to bring you guys some amazing mods for the side by side industry.

With over 15 years of internet experience and over 1 million orders shipped, the creators of SxSMods.com are here to provide an excellent buying experience that is second to none. 

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you!